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Introduction of GDS Representation Services & Global Distribution System
Any hotel or property can be booked electronically by travel agents if it's connected to the global distribution system (GDS) that travel agents around the world use to book airlines, rental cars and hotels.

The hotel can connect to the GDS and Internet Distribution Sites (IDS) by signing on with
Creating and maintaining connections to each of the four GDS can be very costly for a hotel company. For that reason, the majority of the world’s largest hotel companies have opted to connect to creates and maintains the connections to the GDS and IDS on behalf of the hotel. offers "seamless connectivity" between the GDS and the hotel central reservations system through its GDS Seamless Interface.

This allows travel agents to "search and shop" for the right hotel room on a real-time basis.

For travel agents using the GDS,' Seamless Interface solves today’s basic incompatibility between the GDS and the hotel central reservation systems. GDS can typically store only a limited number of standard room types and rates, whereas hotel central reservation systems can store literally hundreds of different room types and rates.’ GDS Seamless Interface gives travel agents access to the hotel company’s most accurate and complete database: the hotel’s own central reservation database. Distribution Service is linked to all major global distribution systems.
The GDS connects more than 450,000 travel agency reservation terminals throughout the world. systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.
Booking and availability messages are transmitted through the switch in typically less than a second.

Different Internet Distribution Sites (IDS):
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